Recycled Fine Art & Screen Printing

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Who I am

"I like to use my site as a sketchbook, not perfect and full of ideas to inspire me and others...."

Welcome to my website! Art brings people together, creativity opens hearts. So take a look at my art and see what moves you. I hope that you like my work and that you'll take the opportunity to visit my studio in Barnet in person.

For many years I’ve been fascinated by art and design and its history and development to the present day. I began my own journey of creative self-discovery having been inspired by the works of well-known and lesser known artists and designers. I work in various styles and materials, using a wide variety of techniques.This has resulted in many works of art that are intended to express and evoke your emotions. You can get a deeper impression of the power of my art if you visit my workshop.

What I offer

  • New Art Works

    My new art on Shirt, Wood, Frames and much more surfaces.

  • New Art Workshops

    I'm now offering new art workshops at beginner and advanced level.

  • New Art Courses

    Courses of teaching new art living concept for people whom want to discover new styles and new influences.

Get in touch with me

I'd love to chat about your project, ideas, style! Simply give me a call and make an appointment. I look forward to seeing you!

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